Apr 30, 2020
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Do not drink, inhale or inject cleaning chemicals

One of the more disturbing trends in recent history has been the advent of claims that various cleaning products or disinfectants have curative properties against coronavirus infection.  US President Trump made confusing and possibly misleading statements about disinfectants.  The US state of New York saw 30 cases of such poisoning after Trumps speech. Atlanta Georgia reports further cases. 

Like many other conspiracy theories and “alternative narratives” this disinfectant business relies on a basis of underlying ignorance.  COVID-19 is an infection caused by a virus.  Perhaps the word “disinfectant” is to blame.  Disinfectants are not used to treat infections.  While most such chemicals do act to decontaminate SARS-CoV-2 through various physical actions, this does not mean that they are safe to consume or even inject them as medicines. The same actions, such as oxidation, that the chemicals use to damage viruses are extremely hazardous to living tissues 

Many bad things can happen. If drunk, such chemicals can cause chemical burns, bleeding in the stomach, or even perforation of the oesophagus. If injected, compounds containing hypochlorites (i.e. bleaches) cause hemolysis (disintegration of red blood cells), kidney damage, or dangerous blood clots.  These are only some of the hazards. It should not be necessary to state this, but use products only in ways consistent with their labelling. 

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Apr 30, 2020

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