Is Covid-19 a manmade biological weapon?

Apr 16, 2020
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The COVID-19 virus is likely neither man-made nor a deliberate weapon

Numerous conspiracy theories and dubious opinion articles have floated around for months, claiming that the COVID-19 coronavirus is either manmade, a deliberate weapon, or both. This kind of rumour is dangerous and unnecessarily adds to tensions at a time when cooperation is needed. But how do we know this isn’t true? 

There are two broad reasons. 

First, there is science. Modern science can look at the RNA (RNA = Ribonucleic Acid - the genetic material in COVID and simpler than DNA) of COVID-19 and make a highly accurate assessment if it looks like something stitched together in a lab out of RNA of other things. This article here explains the science behind this in layman’s language. But the bottom line is that nature is a better factory for making viruses than human labs, and that skilled people can easily tell the difference. 

The other reasons why we strongly believe that COVID-19 is not a “bioweapon” is that biological weapons and biological warfare are things that we understand from history. The majority of biological weapons in ACTUAL biological warfare programmes were pathogens or toxins that were things that are not actually contagious from person to person, so that they could be targeted and not come back at the attacker.  This logic held true in the 1950s when world trade and travel were much less integrated and is even more true now.  And when bioweapons research involved things that were actually contagious (like smallpox or plague) there was ALWAYS a vaccine to protect friendly forces.

There are also geopolitical reasons. Who benefits?  If it were a Chinese weapon (it isn’t), there’s little or no sense in inflicting such economic damage on itself or the trading partners it relies upon. It makes no sense, given the broader history of biological warfare. 

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Apr 30, 2020

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