What about 5G and COVID-19?

Apr 24, 2020
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5G Conspiracy theories about COVID-19 are ill-informed

The most pernicious conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 is the belief that the installation and use of 5thGeneration (5G) data communications has caused the illness.  Exact “theories” vary and include things like “the virus was created by the radiation” and “there’s no virus and it is a story to cover illness created by 5G”.

This has had security implications because people believing these unproven theories have caused significant property damage and have harassed telecommunications employees. 

This conspiracy theory plays on ignorance and assumes that people think that all “radiation” is all the same thing.  5G consists of radio waves, no different than those in use for many decades. Radio waves are “non-ionising radiation”, and are distinct from “ionising radiation” associated with nuclear radioactivity.  5G is in a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum from x-rays and gamma rays and 5G radio waves do not interact with matter in the same way. Theories also play on ignorance of basic concepts like “wavelength” and “frequency”.

The science behind such claims is non-existent and requires things like physics that convert energy into mass in ways that are only possible in science fiction.  Moreover, 5G antagonists were making these exact claims well before COVID-19 was a thing, and have apparently just changed their tactics.  The proponents of these theories cannot account for people getting sick in areas and countries without 5G coverage nor can they account for the vast majority of people in 5G coverage areas remaining healthy.  So called “correlations” between 5G coverage and the distribution of coronavirus victims have turned out to be misleading or false. 

For more information, these three links have useful facts: linklinklink

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