Jun 27, 2019

Designing out Terrorism

Design Security Ltd are proud to have been asked for the second year running to provide a presentation on securing the ‘Grey Space’ as part of the Designing out Terrorism conference.

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Posted by: Chris Aldous

The Designing out Terrorism conference will be taking place at the International Security Expo on the 3rdand 4thof December 2019 at Olympia.  The Expo offers security professionals’ unique insights to the changing threats that societies face.

Chris will be presenting a session on securing the ‘Grey Space’ an area that is often forgotten when planning security control measures for new developments.

Chris Aldous, Director of Design Security Ltd says, ‘It is an honour to be asked to provide a short presentation on how securing the ‘Grey Space’ is thought of as part of a wider strategy, crowded external spaces can become safer.’

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Chris Aldous BSc (Hons), CSyP, CPP, PSP, 

Director – Design Security Ltd

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