We assess and develop strategies and consult architects and engineers to ensure maximum safety for your construction projects.


Design Security Ltd works with clients assisting them in establishing their own survey programmes, so that clients can own and effectively manage their organisations security.


We assess and develop strategies and consult architects and engineers to ensure maximum safety for your construction projects.

Risk Management and Security Leadership

We are an independent risk management and security leadership consultancy at the forefront of design for the built environment. We minimise risk and safeguard assets, adding value and achieving cost savings through clear and effective security intent, innovative physical controls, technical measures and procedural responses applied in relation to the identified risks.

We specialise in protecting crowded spaces, appreciating the operational and business needs of the development, applying apply design solutions for changing threats, using a risk-based approach. This ensures crime prevention and physical asset protection are considered at the earliest stages to maximise effectiveness in specification, procurement and early identification of design issues.

Design Security Ltd provide:

  • Impartial advice; independent of suppliers or manufacturers of equipment, we only act in the interests of clients. Competitors may offer free or low-cost services as they receive commission on the installation of a particular system, which may not be the most effective of best value or best solution.
  • Achieving the highest industry standards; Delivered the first ever sports stadium project to achieve ‘Secured by Design’ status, London 2012 Olympics.
  • Leading role in International standards; Produced the American National Security Institute (ANSI) standard for security management (physical asset protection) on behalf of ASIS International in 2011/12.

Understanding behaviour through application of our criminological expertise and crime data assessment tools supports Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Assessing what crimes are most likely during the operational life of a development informs the strategy for Crime Prevention Concepts and solutions to reduce the occurrence of and impacts of Crime and Anti-Social behaviour.  Creating a welcoming environment for compliant, target market segments whilst dissuading non-compliant segments interfaces with the business plan of the development, reinforcing brand development and increasing its appeal to a wider market. 

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