Feb 1, 2021

Solar Farm Security

A short article in The Professional Security Officers Magazine on why planning the response are part of an integrated security approach is important.
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Posted by: Chris Aldous

After many discussions Chris finally had the time to sit down and write an article for Rollo Davies F.ISRM MSyl who along with Michael O’Sullivan produce the great magazine ‘The Professional Security Officer' (TPSO).

Chris Aldous, Director of Design Security Ltd says, ‘It is an honour to be able to write a short article for TPSO around the issues of Solar Farm Security and how it impacts on the frontline security officers that have to respond to alarms on these remote sites. I look forward to writing further articles for subsequent publications.’

The link to the article is here http://bit.ly/2YcSyGj

So, if you are planning a solar farm, or other project where you want to safeguard your investment don’t hire cowboys to slap in your security contact Chris and his team at enquiries@designsecurityltd.com

Chris Aldous BSc (Hons), CSyP, CPP, PSP, 

Director – Design Security Ltd

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