Business Resilience

DSL has built upon its knowledge of blending security to assist clients develop their risk management process Organisational Resilience is a strategic element of risk mitigation.

Today’s risk to business requires the creation of ongoing and interactive processes to assure that your businesses core activities are resilient to an incident or crises event.  DSL assist businesses in recognising these risks, evaluating them and businesses readiness to meet them.

DSL adopts a clear process approach, if the organisation already operates a management standard such as ISO 9001, then the DSL Organisational Resilience system will be able to complement this.

The organisation resilience system will enable an organisation to:

  • Establish, implement and improve an Organisational Resilience (OR) management system.
  • Assure itself of its conformity with its stated OR management policy.
  • Develop a prevention, preparedness and response/continuity/recovery policy.
  • Establish objectives, procedures and processes to achieve policy commitments.
  • Assure competency, awareness and training.
  • Set metrics to measure performance and demonstrate success.
  • Take action as needed to improve performance.
  • Establish and apply a process for continual improvement.

Relevant project experience for Design Security Ltd staff include:

North African Oil and Gas Instillation Security Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Review existing processes.
  • Advise on the implementation of American Petroleum Institute based Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA).
  • Conduct Security Assessments of existing security measures.
  • Preparation & delivery of Crises Management Training.
  • Review and presentation of Business Resilience Plans.
  • UK Based Blue Chip Organisation – Review of Existing Business Continuity plans EMEA:
  • Reviews existing BC plans.
  • Engage Stakeholders and understand their concerns.
  • Develop reporting notification programme.
  • Write EMEA business resilience strategy.
  • Develop training for EMEA staff at all levels of the Resilience plan.
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Apr 22, 2022

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