Electronic System Design

Design Security Ltd has experience is providing technical solutions from small (retail, schools and offices) to enterprise (Stadia, master-planning) scale projects.

Our engineering process begins with a comprehensive survey of the client’s requirements and the proposed site or project brief. From these a Security Strategy is formed that advises the client of the identified risks and provides a palate of physical and technical mitigations measures. Close collaboration between our survey and engineering teams ensures that all proposed options are current, cost effective and compliant with current regulations and best practise.

Once agreed, the Security Strategy forms the basis of design for the development of industry standard construction documents, which include:

  • Detailed system specification (CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Detection)
  • Individual system schematics
  • Detailed equipment drawings and schedules

Design Security Ltd is committed to ensuring our clients make informed decision based on a clear understanding of the strategy and the systems proposed to achieve it. Where appropriate DSL will therefore supplement these standard documents with specific design and advice notes to clearly describe specific elements of our designs to ensure the client is always kept informed.

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Apr 22, 2022

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