Design Development

Design Security Ltd liaises with other disciplines and based on the agreed risk assessment can design specific areas to mitigate the threats and reduce the impacts should an event occur. This approach enables the business operation to develop clear plans, coupled with supply chain resilience for equipment that may be lost in an event.

The following provide examples from projects undertaken by team members.

Design Development Graphic

                                          Pedestrian Screening Facility


The facility in the figure above is based on a high throughput area that requires the screening and searching of pedestrian traffic. The area was designed after the analysis of flow rates and equipment types that were available for the searching and screening of pedestrians. Space planning in conjunction with architectural teams was conducted to ensure, that when built, the equipment and staff could be integrated into the area.

Clear guidance had to be given to other disciplines within the design team to ensure that essential services were not placed in the ceiling or floor voids around the space. This was to limit any possible loss of building services such as IT, heating and cooling should a ‘worse case’ scenario be realised.

Design Development Graphic 2

                                               Good Vehicle Screening

The figure above shows a good vehicle-searching plaza. Here the challenge was to blend technical, physical and procedural measures to enable authorised vehicles to deliver quickly and safely, whilst having the ability to stop unauthorised vehicles for in-depth searching and screening. In conjunction with the facilities management providers a series of detailed procedures where established to complement the technical and physical measures used.

Technical measures installed included RFID cards, Automatic Number Plate Readers (ANPR) for vehicle authentication and CCTV enabling remote viewing too two security control centres. These technical measures were aligned to the physical barriers such as PAS 68 blockers and Jersey barriers for control and lane separation.

All of the above had to be coordinated with architectural, mechanical & electrical and structural engineering teams.

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Apr 22, 2022

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