Risk Management

The purpose of risk management is to enable clearer understanding of security risks the organisation or operation may be exposed to and how these could be most economically dealt with.

The old management adage is:

‘You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it’,

So how does your organisation manage its security risks?

Design Security Ltd assists your organisation with appreciating the security and safety risks of the physical environment and enables you to take advantage of these changing environments to safeguard your assets. Planning is key to any successful security and safety programme. Design Security Ltd enables you to measure your security and safety posture against your environment, identifying threats and vulnerabilities and assists with planning cost effective solutions.

A threat is anything that could adversely affect your business or the assets, whilst vulnerability is a weakness that could be exploited by the threat.

Risk Management Workflow

Design Security Ltd undertakes security and safety analysis of the areas in which your organisation is currently or planning to operate. Using available information from sources such as:

  • Risk studies of criminal and safety threats
  • Academic Research papers
  • Online & offline published literature
  • Review of Government Directives for emerging threats

Once the information has been assembled and analysed the analysis provides the Design Basis Threats (DBTs) on which your companies’ security posture can be benchmarked to identify vulnerabilities. Only then can cost effective mitigation measures be considered.

Unlike other security consultancies we offer clients solutions, including technical design to assist in reducing the companies exposure to security risk.

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Apr 22, 2022

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