Policies & Procedures

Design Security Ltd assists in producing security policies for your organisation that are designed to support other risk assessment processes, such as Health & Safety.

These Policies create a framework that enables a strategic understanding of security requirements for the business operation.

Strategic policies encompass subjects such as:

  • Control of Access
  • Screening of goods & people
  • Deployment of physical security measures
  • Human Resources identification and screening of individuals for employment
  • Command and Control
  • Security Staff recruitment and deployment
  • Deployment of technical security measures
  • Adoption and use of Situational Crime Prevention Measures<
  • Information Security
  • Incident Reporting

The policies are created to ensure that company remains within legal requirements and the organisation can discharge their ‘duty of care’ effectively.


Once the Policies are agreed, procedures to support them need to be developed and implemented.

Design Security Ltd produces procedures for use by security and staff to support the organisational policies. Based upon the current processes the procedures enable a clear understanding for each member of the organisation of their role relating to security.

Design Security Ltd, as part of an audit process, can recommend cost effective changes, when identified.

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Apr 22, 2022

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